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Golf Leaf Package

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Regular monthly visits keep your grounds looking their best!

The Gold Leaf Package

The ‘Gold Leaf’ program is a premium level service providing additional visits throughout the year and a range of additional services and extra treatments included as standard*.

The high quality finish which can be achieved with 26 visits to site each year has ensured that our Gold Leaf package has helped some locations to win awards for the presentation of their grounds.

The schedule of visits is:

March - April - 2 visits per month

May - August: 3 visits per month

September: 2 visits 

October - November: 2 visits per month

  • Grass Cutting (Formal Grass Areas and General Amenity Grass)
  • Edging Grassed Areas
  • Strimming
  • Weed Control to Borders, Paths and Hardstanding's
  • Hoeing and Digging
  • Pruning of Shrubs and Roses
  • Deadheading Flowers
  • Hedge Maintenance
  • Leaf Clearance
  • Litter Picking and Leaf Sweeping
  • Lawn Treatments
  • Herbicide & Pesticide Applications
  • Residual Weed Applications
  • Aeration
  • Summer and Winter Bedding
  • Annual Re-mulching of Beds
  • Bark Chipping and Mulching

*Additional services & treatments are subject to a site specific survey

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